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Show customers open tickets on wordpress

Hello everyone,


Im extremely new to hubspot and im initially looking to use it for customers to raise support tickets from my wordpress website. Ive embedded a form that allows my customers to raise a ticket but ideally I would like this to be linked to their account on my website and allow them to view and respond to their tickets from their account.


Does anybody know if this is possible? Ive looked through the documentation but i think im just confusing myself 😄

Community Manager
Community Manager

Show customers open tickets on wordpress

Hi @Luvabulls,


Welcome to HubSpot and to the Community! 


Have you heard of the customer portal feature in HubSpot yet? 😄 


A customer portal is a home behind a login where customers can view, open, and reply to their support tickets. It typically is accessed through a knowledge base, but you can also share a link to the portal directly with your customers. You could potentially share this link with your customers! 


One thing to keep in mind is that conversations that are associated with a ticket will appear in the customer portal; this includes messages sent to a chatFacebook Messengerform submission, or connected team email channel. Emails sent to or from an email address that is not connected to the conversations inbox will not appear in the customer portal.


I wanted to share some documentation about customer portals with you:

I hope this helps!




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