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Hubspot does eat all of my new submitted reviews in Rivyo Product Review app. 


This means that I dont get any reviews at all. 


Every submission through the app is sent as a form to hubspot. how do I change this so my reviews doesn't get thrown away ?




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Community Manager

Hi @trueaesthetix,


If you are looking for assistance can you please share what your end goal is, what your roadblock is, and what you have tried so far? Additionally, if you can specify how HubSpot is involved, that would be great!


The more detail, screenshots and information you can provide, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,

HubSpot Employee

Hi @trueaesthetix,


I have a feeling I know what is going on here...


It may be the case that the setting in the portal to capture data from "non-hubspot" forms is enabled and this is infact causing you issues within the checkout flow. My advice would be to disable this setting as per this documentation and see if the issue persists.


The "non-hubspot" form data is captured whenever a form is submitted on a page containing our tracking code. Our tracking code is coded in Javascript  and it's not uncommon for irregularities like this to occur given the way in which Javascript works and the vast array of chrome extensions, shopify add ons and various different services that exist out there on the web. 


Also if it helps you can still use HubSpot forms on your pages by embedding them as per this article. 


I hope this helps and as @jennysowyrda mentioned if you can supply more info we can take a look into it further of course! 🙂 


All the best,


Jack Coldrick
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