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Shared Inbox: Restricting Access to Sender Email Addresses

I have multiple emails linked to a team inbox, and because of this, my team keeps selecting the incorrect sender address, when sending an email. So the email will be coming from Brand A, when I want it to come from Brand B. 

I've tried to drill the practice of selecting the correct email domain into them, but when they're sending hundreds of emails per-day, they continue to forget. 

I'm wondering how I can limit their access to certain sender addresses. Specifically, I'm considering 2 options. 

1. Setting up a new team inbox, which they don't have access to. 

2. Limit their access to only be able to communicate on records that their team owns (see screenshot). However I'm worried that this may be overly restrictive, and cause bigger issues to fix a small one. 

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 11.41.25 AM.png

Which, if either of these would limit their ability to send from certain team email addresses? Are there other options I haven't considered? Any and all help would be appreciated. 

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Shared Inbox: Restricting Access to Sender Email Addresses

Hi @CNolan21 I would connect each brand email to their own inbox and restrict access to each inbox accordingly.


The user permissions for what they can see won't limit which email they can send on behalf of.


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