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I don't know if both of these have been talked about, but I couldn't find a specific forum.


1. It's an issue with my team that we can't fully move the Tickets in the Service section. If we want to move a Ticket up on the Ticket Stage, we have to move the Ticket to another Stage and then move it back to the Stage we had it on. This wastes a lot of energy and time. It would be easier to just be able to move a ticket be at the top whenever we feel necessary. Our team works with a lot of clients and to just simply sort them by Priority is too much for our team.


2. I understand there are different Priority levels, and that's extremely helpful. However, my team has brought it to my attention that having the option to add a Colored Label, we can name, to a Ticket would be extremely helpful. We have quite a few Tickets and being able to add a Label would be amazing. For example, my team would like to add a Purple color to a Ticket that they can name Alternate Versions meaning this Deal has had multiple versions before we moved to Hubspot. Another example, as Administration we would like to be able to add a Green color to a Ticket that we can name Approved. Our team will know they can continue with their Ticket, and our management won't have spend time to write a note on each ticket.


If these options are already available, please tell me how I can implement them. If they aren't, how do I suggest these changes to the developers? I think a lot of companies would find these changes helpful.

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As an option, I realize there's a Categories section on each Ticket. I think if, at the least, it would be helpful to be able to see the chosen Categories on the Board View of the Tickets Section. 

I feel like it would be a huge time saver for my team to see what we've categorized each ticket as upfront, instead of having to click on the ticket.

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Hi @ElizaBurberry,


Do you mind sharing more about what your end goal is and where you are getting stuck? 


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,


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