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Sending An Email From A Ticket?

So we have an app where the customer places an order, and then we have to have several (usually canned) followup emails with the customer to discuss customization of the order.  


What we want is the ability to send these canned emails out from the ticket itself, so the workflow looks like this:

Step 1:  We create a ticket, then send out a canned response to the customer from the ticket that asks what they want engraved on the item and what font they want it.
Step 2: They respond "I want it to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENJAMIN" and that email is automatically associated with the original ticket.
Step 3: We can respond from the ticket to say, "In what font?" 


But currently, you have three methods to create an email, and none of them appear to work: 


1)  Single Send Emails mark that an email was sent, but any responses from the customer don't get added to the ticket and also you can't respond to emails on that chain.
2)  Transactional Emails can't be associated with a ticket. 
3)  Engagement Emails feel like they should be associatable, but for no reason I can ascertain you don't return the email ID upon creation, only the mail queue ID - and as noted elsewhere, your SMTP Tokens Endpoint is broken.


And alas, though it looks like you have requests clamoring from 2019, large portions of the community believe that "Sending emails from an associated ticket through the API" is impossible.   


But I figured I'd ask to make sure, since we have to make a decision soon and before we change our workflow, we'd like to be able to tell our superiors that this isn't possible with the current API. it possible?  Or are we out of luck?  

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Sending An Email From A Ticket?

Hi @theferrett , 


Thank you so much for reaching out to us! I would like to tag some of our experts in this @louischausse@HubDoPete , and @rikkilear. Would you be able to lend some advice if @theferrett would be able to achieve this via a ticket-workflow or if there is a potential workaround? 



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