Send marketing email with survey monkey link after Live Chat closes


Hi, Can anyone confirm if the below workflow will work as intended? I created an automated marketing email with a button to a SurveyMonkey link. I want the email to send to contacts 1 hour after their most recent Live Chat closes. I'm nervous this will send to unintended parties. Since these properties aren't visiably stored on the contact records, it's hard to anticipate the different ways this could go wrong.


Any suggestions to tighten the triggers up to ensure no unintended people get enrolled?


Hubspot Workflow Screenshot.png


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Hi @NicoleCiprich,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 


If you've already been using this chatflow in the past to communicate with your customers and leads, I would recommend to also include Close date > is after __  in the enrollment trigger - to make sure that the email only gets sent to contacts who close new chats. 


I also wanted to tag a few workflow experts: @Bryantworks@Phil_Vallender@rikkilear@Mike_Eastwood do you maybe have any recommendations regarding enrollment triggers for Nicole's workflow? 


Thank you!



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Hey Nicole,

It looks ok to me but I agree it's a bit of a risky one potentially.

Why don't you add another enrollment criteria for people who have an email address that work for your company, then ask internal team members to interact with live chat and see if it throws up any unexpected results?

Also, not sure how often your live chat is used, but if it's frequently used by the same people these emails could get annoying so you may want to restrict it to first time users or users after X period. Just an idea.


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Yes similar issue that I am facing in marketing email with survey and need guidance about it please help me to solve this issue I will share some screenshots also with you.