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Send customized report regarding ticket status

Good morning


I'm facing to a request for automation and I am not sure if Hubspot can provide this:

We have a weekly reporting system in place where we receive a HubSpot report detailing the number of tickets in different stages. Currently, our team manually sends emails to customers based on the information provided in these reports. While this process is manageable for now, we anticipate challenges with scalability as our customer base grows.

We are exploring automation options within HubSpot to streamline the process of sending targeted emails to customers based on the ticket information in these reports. Specifically, we would like to automate the communication process, ensuring that our customers receive weekly updates regarding the status of their tickets.

Could you please provide guidance on how we can leverage HubSpot's automation features to achieve this efficiently?

Any insights, recommendations, or resources you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance. We look forward to optimizing our processes with your expert guidance.

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Send customized report regarding ticket status

Hi @DAndrione,


Here's what you should be able to do:


1. Create a scheduled workflow that is ticket based.

2. Schedule it to recur on whichever your desired times are. 

3. Set additional filter criteria for the enrolment so that you're only adding the desired tickets. 

4. For the action, select send email. 

5. The email can either go to all contacts associated to the ticket, or specific contacts based on association labels you may have set up. 

6. In the email, you can add tokens for the ticket properties however you like so that you are showing the relevant info about the ticket to your customers. 


Here is some great documentation on scheduled trigger workflows:


And here is one on adding personalization tokens:


Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions! 







Send customized report regarding ticket status

Thanks for your quick reply

I'm not sure my problem was clearly addressed.
If I create a ticken based workflow I will send the ticket update to the company associated.
Imagine I have 2 ticket that are enrolled for the same company:
I don't want to send 2 different tickets update to the same company.

But you gave me an idea
I can create an incremental property in the company that will increase each time a new ticket is enrolled in the specific stage at the specific time window.
Then I need to create  a weekly sheduled workflow based on  company that send a mail with token related to this property.