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A channel in Microsoft Teams has a specific email-address, where you can send notifications to.

Thus, when creating new tickets that meet certain criteria (e.g. priority AND category) we'd like to send an email to this specific email-address with a workflow. Alternatively we were thinking that we could create a contact (with the specific email-address) - however, this would pose the question on how to select a single contact to send an email to in a workflow.


Any help is very appreciated!


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Hi @ASoppelsa,


Have you had a look at the Microsoft Teams app for HubSpot?


If the integration doesn't meet your requirements, you'd have to use the "Send internal email notification" action in a workflow:




Since this action requires the recipient to be a user in your HubSpot portal, you can't add the Microsoft Teams email address here. (I assume that it's not associated with an inbox that you can manage? You can try to create a HubSpot user with the Microsoft Team email address but I doubt that it will work.)


The workaround would be sending this notification to an existing user and creating a forwarding rule: Each email with the subject line of your notification would be forwarded to your Microsoft Teams email address. For Gmail, for example, the steps are explained here: I would also create some rules that all these notifications are immediately filtered out or archived in the inbox of the user who's the intermediary. Not an ideal solution but it could work.


Hope this helps!

Karsten Köhler
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Hi @karstenkoehler 


Thank you very much for your fast reply. Pretty much confirms my suspicions of my approach not working. I had a look into the teams integration provided in the marketplace - however, the reviews are not very "uplifting" as well you'd need to be an administrator in Teams in order to set it up.


Best, ASoppelsa