Restarting Chat Conversation (Session timeout)

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Currently, the chatbot tool includes session timeout options including: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month. Our users might have the need to restart a conversation with the bot right away where a reset to "Instant" would be valuable.

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Hi @ellen-welker 


I believe a way that will work to instantly restart your session, is if your team can clear your browser cache, this way will refresh the page.


I will tag some of our top contributors, @joshua-paul  @HubSpotMaster @aturrell  would you like to add more suggestions to @ellen-welker question?


Thank you



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I believe Pam is correct. Ellen, can you give us a little more context around why users would need an instant reset? Currently, there are not many use cases where a user would want to click away and come right back only to have lost all of the information they entered in the chat tool and need to start over. I love it when people use the platform in creative ways!

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Hey there!

Thanks for your response! We are using this with a client where the chatbot is focused on directing the consumer to different FAQs about a product they either have or intend to purchase. We haven't pushed this live yet, so I don't have much of a case as to why someone would need an instant restart. We programmed the chatbot to help the user find the answer to their question, then we give them the option to contact support via the meetings link or filling out a 'contact us' form, then the chat kinda abruptly ends. It'd be awesome to have the initial menu items reappear so they can continue finding answers to additional questions they may have. 

I see a link appears that says something like "Click here to restart your conversation", so maybe that's what the user will end up doing!