Responses to support email don't get stored with ticket

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We're trying out the Ticket functionality to see if we want to switch from our existing support provider. I have a support form on our website. Submitting the initial ticket works great. BUT...


Once the ticket is assigned, and a Hubspot user responds, that email is sent to the customer from our support tech's email address (not from "support@") -- and when the customer replies, the response goes directly to the support tech's inbox, NOT to the ticket record. How do we get a proper support email thread associated with the ticket?

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Hi @DevonC,


Are the users able to select the shared inbox when responding to the customer? The team inbox is available for all users to respond from, so using this email address should populate as an option from the "from" address options when sending emails.


If you are seeing something different on your end, please let me know.


Thank you,

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