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I have my support email address connected to hubspot to create tickets. Emails sent to my support email from the SaaS booking software I use have their email address in the from field and the contact's information in the reply-to field. Hubspot is creating the contact for the booking software in the from field instead of the contact in the reply-to field. 


In some of the other SaaS software I've used such as, Zendesk, even gmail, recognizes the reply-to email address as the contact. 


The way it's working now would mean that every email would need to manually create a contact or assign a contact, and then change the to email address manually every time for every ticket. 


Example of how it works in other SaaS:

Zendesk's mail servers use the "Reply-To:" line in the headers, if present, to identify the author of the email. Since the "Reply-To:" line in the header indicates the mailbox to which responses should be sent, this field supersedes any data in the "From:" field.


Is there an option to have the reply-to field supercede the from field or some other work around that's not obtuse. 

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Hi @CEwers,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 


I want to tag a few subject matter experts to assist with this: @warrendavey@BethanyH@PeterC@StefaniUAT any tips or best practices for an effective support email & ticketing setup? 





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Can you create a workflow that clears the email HubSpot property and then copies the correct email address to the email property?


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As I read this, I have to wonder why the Saas booking software vs. HubSpot Meetings tool for booking?

Also, anytime I hear "manual over and over", I agree with @StefaniUAT, this may call for a workflow.

This article on ticket automation may be helpful.


If you think more detail would help, I'm all ears.

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I don´t see how I could do this with an automation for two reasons:

1) The reply-to field with the correct email is not stored as a ticket property

2) I don´t see a possibility to change the associated contact of a ticket. If I change the email of the contact I have the risk to associate multiple tickets from different users to the same contact  (remember the ticket is linked to a contact that is created based on the from email which is the same for all tickets)


I am facing some issues regarding the email you can see here on this link of my older account it closed with out any reason just because of the emails issue why?