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Replies from Shared Team Inbox Not Syncing with HubSpot Conversations/Inbox Tool

Hi HubSpot Community,

I’m seeking some support and guidance regarding an issue I’m experiencing with our HubSpot setup. We’ve connected our shared inbox (e.g., to the HubSpot Conversations/Team Inbox portal. Incoming emails are being correctly pulled into HubSpot, which is great. However, we’re running into a problem when it comes to replies.

Here’s the issue: When a team member replies to an email directly from Gmail (outside of HubSpot), those replies are not being picked up by HubSpot and consequently, are not logged in the HubSpot Inbox View. This makes it challenging to track the complete conversation history within HubSpot.

I’ve been doing some test emails and noticed that when I have the (connected/logged in to my personal email) HubSpot Sales Chrome extension enabled, the replies are logged directly on the contact profile (just like regular comms / sales emails are) rather than keeping the reply in the thread within the HubSpot Conversations/Inbox tool.

I’m unsure whether this is expected behavior or if there’s a configuration issue on my end. I have tried disabling / logging out of the chrome extension and sending replies, resulting in neither the reply showing in the conversations/shared inbox view in HS or directly on the contact profile (most likely due to extension not tracking+logging it - which makes sense).

Has anyone else experienced these problems? If so, how did you resolve them? Any insights, solutions, or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your help!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Replies from Shared Team Inbox Not Syncing with HubSpot Conversations/Inbox Tool

Hey @OHassini, thank you for posting in our Community!


The behavior you described, where replies are logged directly on the contact profile rather than within the Conversations tool, is consistent with how the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension works. The extension is designed to log communications to the contact record in the CRM, not necessarily within the shared Conversations inbox.


Ensure that your shared inbox is correctly set up in HubSpot. Sometimes, small configuration issues can lead to such problems. You can verify this by navigating to Settings > Conversations > Inboxes, and checking the settings for your shared inbox.


Please verify that your shared inbox is properly connected by going to Settings > Conversations > Inboxes in HubSpot. Make sure that the inbox is correctly configured and that there are no connection errors.


Let us know how it works,




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