Remove closed tickets from record association drop-down list

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As a company that spends the majority of our time in the Service Hub, we have a lot of tickets. Many of them are closed. 


How can we 'archive' these tickets in a way that they do not appear as an option when we select Associate with X record? We end up with a very long list of tickets to select from.

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Hi @ashley_stafford 


Thank you for reaching out


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Mike_Eastwood @Josh @StefaniUAT any suggestions for @ashley_stafford on this? 


Thank you, 



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Hi @ashley_stafford 


You could create a Custom Property – an "Archive" checkbox – in the Ticket.


In your Default Ticket View filter out the "Archived" Tickets.


Or, if you're doing a Custom Search exclude all tickets that are "Archived".


You could even add use a Workflow to set the "Archived" state.


Does this do what you need?



p.s. apologies for the delay – we had our summer holidays in New Zealand