Remove HubSpot chat trigger button only on smaller devices like mobile

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We have a custom chat triggering button for smaller devices like mobile on the sticky footer. Is there a way to remove the default chat triggering button/icon (only the icon not whole HubSpot chat function). The chat window is triggering using the following code:



Thanks in advance.

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Hi @smartsites-comm ,


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So you talking about HubSpot live chat, and just want it not to appear on mobile devices correct? This is actually a setting for how it appears on devices. 


-Edit your chat flow

-Click the Display tab on the left

-You will have sections here you can toggle for how things appear on desktop versus mobile devices.

Justin Perkins
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Thanks for the response. @JustinPerkinsC 

We need chat-functionality on mobile but that should be trigged with our custom button not default HubSpot chat button/icon. The default HubSpot chat button/icon should be hidden.  Hide this icon: