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Remove Automatic List Formatting for Notes

Hey Everyone!


I just noticed this last week and I know it wasn't something that happened before, but when I am creating notes in a ticket and creating a numbered list, it is now automatically forcing it to use the List Formatting within the text editor.


The default formatting for the numbered lists doesn't provide enough spacing between items or the option to include a link with one of the numbered items and keep it separate from the actual text/request.


Is there a way to turn off the automatic list formatting? I know if Word and Pages, if you just hit return twice it gets you out of the list, but you also have the option to highlight the list and select the "Number List" option to "undo" it... I can't seem to find an option anywhere in Hubspot to turn this off... unless I am completely losing my mind 🙂


Also, the automatic list formatting doesn't appear to be applying in the body content of this post, so it's not all of hubspot 🙂


Like I said, this just started happening last week (week of April 11th), so I'm not sure why it started happening either.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


Thank You!

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Hall of Famer | Partner

Remove Automatic List Formatting for Notes

Hi @nicole-oe,


HubSpot is constantly working on the tool and making changes. With small changes like these, there usually aren't any specific settings. This applies here as well; I'm not aware of any ways to disable this behavior or roll back to previous settings.


The best place to request that this be changed is the HubSpot Ideas section of the community. Posts in this section are monitored and evaluated by the product team based on their popularity.


Best regards!

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