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Published a website not showing on domain url

I have published a webpage, but the url sends back a 

404 Page not found Error
Read the other resolution suggestions -  their are not very clear and not working for me.
Chat support says it's too technical for them and sent me here to try my luck... any ideas?
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Published a website not showing on domain url

Hi there,

I understand the frustration you're facing with your webpage not showing on the domain URL and encountering a 404 error. It can indeed be a tricky situation, especially when the usual resolution suggestions don't seem to work.

If you're dealing with a technical issue related to your website not displaying correctly on the domain URL, it might be beneficial to check a few things:

  1. Double-check your publishing settings: Ensure that your webpage is properly published and that the correct URL is linked to it. Sometimes, a simple oversight in settings can lead to such errors.

  2. Check for broken links: Make sure there are no broken links or incorrect redirects that could be causing the 404 error. Use online tools or plugins to scan for broken links and fix them.

  3. Review your hosting configuration: Verify that your hosting provider has correctly configured your domain and that there are no issues from their end causing the error.

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I hope these suggestions help in resolving your issue. Feel free to share more details or ask further questions for a more targeted solution. Best of luck!