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Our "Companies" have been exported 2 times, without permission. How can I check the IP address?

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I would need information on how can I check the IP address where it has been downloaded to, as it is sensitive information

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Dunno how to view the IP address, but you can easily see an Export Audit in your account showing the HubSpot User(s) responsible.

- see Export contacts, companies, deals or tickets


Periodically, as Super Admins, we sometimes export contacts / companies to test against data external to HubSpot. For example, this week we've been exporting random data sets in client portals to test HubSpot's recently updated Web Technologies property against BuiltWith data. With over 292 options, comparing HubSpot data to an external data source is the most reliable way to determine how accurate HubSpot data is across portals. Fun stuff! Smiley Wink


Your concern highlights good reason to limit 'Bulk Export' permissions on your portal -- a best practice. And to only grant Super Admin permissions in your HubSpot portal to those with a strong reputation for trust.


Can't wait to see what we can help you build on HubSpot today.



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