Original sender Email Address/Hyperlink not showing in email message


Our emails are forwarded to HubSpot via Outlook/Webmail. I've noticed that a few of the emails contain the sender's original email address with hyperlink (first image below). Most come in without the sender's email address/hyperlink (second image). All external emails are sent to the same email address in our company. All are being forwarded to Hubspot using the forwarding rule (inbox and sweep rules).


On the Hubspot Channel Configuration section, I've checked this option: "Choose original sender of email forwards-When an email is forwarded into the inbox, choose the original sender as the associated contact. Replies and ticket creation will default to the original sender. Turn this setting off to default to the forwarder instead of the original sender."  However, for those emails without email addresses, when we hit reply/forward, the email address defaults to our company email address.  It creates extra work since we now have to go back to Outlook, search for the email, then copy the sender's original email address. 


I've been informed by HubSpot that the issue is coming from my end. However, the rule to forward is one and the same. How come it's inconsistent? Some email addresses are shown, some are not?


Does anyone have any ideas/solutions? I appreciate any input, please. Thanks so much!


1. Email coming in with sender's email address/hyperlink



2. Email coming in without the sender's email address/hyperlink


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Community Manager

Hi @ERoysdon,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

When forwarding emails to Conversations, the expected behaviour is that the email is automatically associated with the original sender's contact record & email address, given that HubSpot is able to detect the original sender's email address in the email's plain text.


As this case would require a deeper investigation of specific emails and email headers, which also include sensitive data such as customers' email addresses, I would recommend to continue working with our Support, who is your best point of contact. Thank you for your patience and understandig as our teams work on this case. 



I took the liberty to edit your post and remove the screenshots, as they contain email addresses. I hope that is okay. Thank you!



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