Notification Option when New Unassigned Tickets Come In

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Please create an option under a user's profile & settings to be notified when a new unassinged ticket is created.


There is currently an option to be notified when that user is assinged a new ticket, but this doesn't help unless we know that  a new ticket has come in via email or a support form.



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Hi @tmcginnis


Have you tried using a ticket based workflow to create a task for someone? I think you would need to use a combination of enrollment criteria like ticket owner is unknown and has not updated in the last day, or something like that. Then create a task for someone to assign it maybe? 


Otherwise, you might have a good idea here, in which case I recommend you post it over in the ideas forum for others to vote on. 


Hope this helps.

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What the heck? I thought the WAS the ideas forum! Ugh.


We looked into the workflow option to assign a task. The issue with that is we cannot assign a task to multiple people or a group of people. Just a single person. We have a team of folks who are responsible for managing customer support - so assigning a task to one of them is counterintuitive, especially in cases where that person is out of the office or in a long meeting.

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I see how you can do it now.

Create a workflow ticket and specify an internal notification to a group of user.

You can notify the group by email, text message and platform notifications


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