Not receiving notifications from new leads on my mobile device (Sony Xperia)

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I've think I have had a problem with hubspot notifications since i replaced my phone about 6 months ago, which hasn't been an issue until now (change of job). For some reason I'm not being notified through my phone when a new lead arrives in my inbox, to my knowledge all the settings (at both ends) are switched on and correct for this.


Can anyone advise on what to do from here please?


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Jason McOwen

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Hello @bellyfluff9 


I would like to share this resource where there are troubleshooting steps on your mobile app here.

Please try installing the app again, and check for any updates on your devide also.


I hope this helps.



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Good Evening Pam,


Thanks for responding to my query. I did what you suggested, logining out, reinstalling the app etc. Nothing has changed, its all still the same. I have had 2 new leads come in tonight via my ad on Facebook and I didnt get any notifications on my phone. all the notification settings are switched on, so not really sure whats going on. It used to work no problem, but for some reason since I changed from the S7 to the Sony Xperia, I have this issue.


Apologies for being a pain on the weekend 😞