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I am a free plan for now. A little confused with everything still before I pay. So I have the form and connected it to my google support channel. WordPress plugin connected. I can see the chat guy on the front page and I can see the form. So good. Heres the question...


So I have the app on iPhone and if I try and send a chat - my phone gets nothing. All notifications are on and I know it works because I can get support ticket messages. Odd thing is the KB says to go to settings and im in More but there is no actual settings >> notifications. its just more>>notifications. In HSpot I have every single notificaton on.


Any thoughts... ideas??? What am I missing.

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Hello, @NJacob are you assigned to your chat? And what are your notifications set up on your mobile? I wanted to share this knowledge base here with more information about mobile notifications. 


I hope this information helps.


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Hi Pam. Sorry for the late response. School started. I’m also a teacher. Anyway I’ll look at the article link too.

So in HubSpot online I have checked every single notification there is for now.

On my phone. The HubSpot app has notifications are all checked too. And then in my notification settings I double checked all set to be persistent and make noise n badges. Which it does not do.