Need help for connecting inbox to 2 email boxes

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To whom it may concern,


In very few words, I hope to know how to configure properly, so I can receive emails within HubSpot from 2 company domains properly.

Here are some details that may help you understand clearly about this case.


  1. My HubSpot account is registered with an email address of our 1st domain:
  2. Then we have a 2nd domain, so I connect the 2nd email to HubSpot Inbox:
  3. Next, send a test email from my personal email to the 2nd email box
  4. It turns out: my test email will appear in HubSpot inbox as forwarded from the address that the HubSpot gave me as forward address, when I connect the 2nd email to my inbox
  5. Meanwhile, HubSpot system won’t create a contact for my personal email automatically (I won't see my personal email account in the Contacts list).


My expectation is to make sure HubSpot system will handle all emails sent to the 2nd email as they are sent to the 1st one.

It means, those emails will display the names of their original senders in HubSpot inbox, rather than the forward address; and the HubSpot system will automatically create contacts for the senders in the Contacts hub.


Please advise where I should check.

And how to set up the configuration properly.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @FeliY,


If you are still looking for assistance with this matter can you please share more information and specifics? If you can share the beginning of the email address and not include the domain, that would be helpful.


Generally speaking, HubSpot does not pull in incoming emails unless you connect your inbox to the conversations tool.


If you can please share more specifics and where you are getting stuck, we can provide additional assistance.


Thank you,

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