Need further Hubspot and Jira integration


Our developers who have access to jira but not to Hubspot need to know information on who is requesting the information. For example, name of contact, company they work at, product they are using, etc. If we need to type this information manually to jira it takes a lot of time. It is necessary to create further integrations for Hubspot and Jira so that certain properties in Hubspot appear automatically in the jira ticket. 

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Hi @AnnaDelLlano 


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I was investigating and I've found two integrations between HubSpot and Jira that might help you to achieve this.


HubSpot and Jira Integration: you will need Services Pro o Enterprise. 

HubSpot and Jira with Zapier Integration.


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What I would need is further integration to what is already available. For example, I need to automatically add properties I have in the ticket (for example, contact, company, number of analysis done so far, etc.) to jira. I also need to see in Hubspot properties that are in jira such as version and expected release date. This is not possible with the current level of integration.

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