Mute or Set Different Notification settings for different inboxes


Is it possible to set different notification settings per inbox? Or to mute specific inboxes unless the convo is assigned to you?


We have reps who need to see mentions across all inboxes (and therefore need access), but only want notifications for new convos in other specific inboxes. (The routing assignment system in Hubspot wouldn't work for us, because we don't do random routing.)

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You might be able to set that by going to Settings -> Notifications -> What you get notified about.

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Hi @Otterbot,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 


It's currently not possible to segment notification settings for inboxes in Conversations - the notifications are determined for each user at a global level.

However, there are two workarounds and the 2nd option might work for your team:

  • If it's not necessary that users remain members of an inbox they don't want to receive notifications from, you can remove them from that inbox and they won't get notified. This guide explains how to manage inbox users.
  • Another option would be to auto-assign all incoming conversations in an inbox to a specific user or a team and then turn off notifications for unassigned conversations.


I see how segmenting notification settings for inboxes could be useful for you and other HubSpot users. This feature has already been submitted as a product idea in the HubSpot's Ideas Forum, where users discuss feature requests with each other and the HubSpot Product Team. I would like to encourage you to participate in the idea thread by upvoting and commenting on the post to bring it to our Product team's attention and provide more context. You can check the Ideas Forum Users' Guide here


Thank you!




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