Manually Enroll Deal into Ticket


Building a credit control function against live deals to commuincate with clients over missed payments. 


Have built a workflow that creates a ticket and then delivers a custom email that contains using html, a unique URL to go to a payment gateway that we have to allow payment to be made and linked to the deal itself.


Considering that the same deal may overtime enrol several times in this workflow and have several tickets of this type, how can I initialte and enrol the deal in this workflow to create a ticket.


Ideally I'd like a button to enrol in teh workflow, but that I cant do. I can see how I would manually enrol a contact to a workflow, but cant work out how to do it with a deal. Its probably obvious but I cant work it out, anyone help?

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Hi @SWilsonA4u,


Could you provide a bit more detail and context to each step? It's a bit hard to read the expected behavior / requirements – and what blocker you're currently facing.


More context on the overall goal would also appreciated.


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Hi @karstenkoehler 


Thanks for reaching out. I have actually resolved this. What I have done is

- Added a Yes/no field to Deal record to initiate the workflow.

- When that field is changed to Yes, a new ticket is created in a relevant pipeline stage.

- That ticket contains custom fields to add the value that is outstanding by the client, and a free text box for notes.

- Once those fields are completed workflow sends an email to client that contains a url with HTM code added to pull through te hticket ID number giving that URL a unique property that our site recognises.

- Workflow on the deal waits 5 mins then changes the Yes/No field in deal to blank, so its ready to initiate the process again.


Seems to work so far, am doing more tests at present




Yes I am also facing the similar issue and the way sir guided here is looking very valid to solve this issue i hope it will help me when I try to apply it.