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Manage replies in Hubspot from Help Scout

Hi Community,


The Customer team currently uses Help Scout to manage customer tickets. The Sales team uses Hubspot to send and reply to e-mails. 


Sometimes, the Customer team needs to forward messages to the Sales owner because it is a sales matter. So, the Sales has to reply from Hubspot. However, I do not reach to forward properly the e-mail from HelpScout to Hubspot.


Do you have some tips? 


If I forward the e-mail from (HelpScout) to (e-mail box connected in Conversations in Hubspot),  the sender is which is not the initial sender.


The HelpScout e-mail logs 1 activity in the contact page on Hubspot, it is cool to keep a track record but it is not enough to reply properly to the contact.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Manage replies in Hubspot from Help Scout

Hi @PriscillaMB 


Thank you for reaching out to the HubSpot Community.

I wanted to tag in some Community contributors here: @Ben_M and @jimbanks , do you guys have any advices for @PriscillaMB ?