Live chat effectiveness tracking. Satisfaction, timings.



There is a need to:
1) Add an after-chat poll, ex: from 0 to 10 please rank chat with our speialist, was it helpful, comfortable, comprehensible etc. Same was suggested here, but received no response:


2) Is there any way to track the following timings per specialist:
- Average time before specialist replied to the new chat message
- Average chat duraton

In case such features already exist in one form or another form, any hints or links to their knowledgebase pages would be awesome.

Or maybe there are some solution in HubSpot App Marketplace that can cover this list.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Mikhail_K ,

Let's take a look! To answer your questions:

1 - You could always create Satisfaction Survey that is sent to your Contacts via email post-chat. Here is a user guide on this just in case. That being said, having a survey populates automatically within the chat window would be really neat!

2 - While you can't track your teams' reply times, you can track their initial response times by adding the Chat Reponse Time Average by Rep report to your Dashboard. We don't have a report that displays the total interaction times for a chat, though I do think that this is a great idea!

If you have any questions on the info above let me know!

Thank you,
Kevin Campbell
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Hi - I am trying to setup a post chat survey. I see the help doc you referred to and it shows how to setup up a survey but how do I build the recipient list to only be contacts that interacted with us via chat?