Live Chat offers no indication if visitor left site, no auto-forward to email reply when they have

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My last CRM live-tracked visitors activity: what page they were currently on, how long they've been on site, and most importantly, when they bounce. This last part is crucial to know whether we should reply in Live Chat to their initial inquiry, or send an email response when an email was provided after visitor was prompted by system.

We continue to send out replies with no one on the other end to receive. Why can't we be notified when the navigated away from page or closed out browser tab? And why when one of those two things happen is the system not auto-forwarding the reply to the provided email? There's also no convenient way to send as an email when visitor is not in our contacts--or am i missing something here?

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Hello @AndrewP,


I was able to find this post in the HubSpot Community Ideas forum. Upvoting here will alert our Product Team to the popularity of this request. Doing so will also auto-notify you if/when this functionality becomes available within HubSpot. You may read more about how that review process works here.

The idea is currently in planning meaning that can be beta/live soon.


I hope this helps.


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Thanks for the link. I see that was requested a full 2 yrs ago and entered planning back in January. Hopefully this gets moved along. It doesn't, however, address the other part of my concern which is to have Chat responses automatically forwarded to email (when provided) once the visitors navigates away, or at least provide a good manual solution for that.