Live Chat can't send message


I am using the live chat form for internal communication between 2 teams.
Since a week or 2 i am receiving complains from multiple people that they can write a message, but they cannot press enter to send it, or press the button to send it.

Normally the button turns blue to send the message. But instead, it is now greyed out, and when hovering your mouse above it will show a red block icon.

I have been able to resolve these issues per each individual user by clearing the cache and cookies for the website. However i am now starting to receive the same complains from people where i resolved their issue a week ago.

Is this a known issue?

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Community Manager

Hi @NvanSpaandonk 


Thank you for reaching out.


At the moment there aren't any issues related to what you are describing, you can find more information about this here.


Could you please share the URL where you have embedded your chat?






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