Issue with Agent Avatar during Chat

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It appears that if someone has chatted with a specific individual and they go back to the same page that it only shows that persons avatar even though I have all team members listed and the chats routed to unassigned. I'm not sure why on one particular page only one person's avatar is displaying. 

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Hi @nikkiv,


It sounds like it may have to do with the contact owner settings that are available within the conversations tool. This article mentions that If a visitor already exists in your contacts database and is owned and tracked with a cookie, when the visitor live chats or sends an email, it'll be routed to the visitor's owner if they're online. If the owner is offline, then the message will be emailed to the visitor's owner. 


If your settings are different then what I am describing above, can you send along screenshots of your settings? 


The more information, screenshots and exmaples you can provide, the better the Community can assist!



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