Internal chats with employees concerning a ticket

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Just implementing Service Hub. I have the customer emails coming in to create tickets.

I can communicate with the customer fine.


What I'm looking for is a way to communicate with my fellow support staff regarding a ticket.


So far the only method I've found is either an email, or note. Neither of which are very effective. I don't see any chat icon for tickets to chat with other employees. 


Any ideas out there?

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Hi @cwalliser,


Before suggesting alternatives, do you mind sharing what the roadblocks with notes and emails are? Have you used the @ mention feature in notes? 


@PeterC@Bryantworks@gkeshian do you have any suggestion for using HubSpot for internal communication with teams in an organized manner? Have you had luck using notes or emails?


Thank you,

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Hi @jennysowyrda 


We're not quite live with tickets yet and therefore, the use of "chat" is a bit limited. 


We have used a pinned note on the ticket (so it sticks to the top of the timeline), and we all then edit the note using @mentions. 


The process works well as a place for discussion, and you can reply to your colleague's comments.  The limitation is that they don't "build" on the timeline - so tracking "who did what, and when did they do it" isn't possible. 


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Thanks for sharing, @PeterC! Smiley Happy 

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Thanks for the tag @jennysowyrda !


@PeterC 's method is what I've seen used the most as well.  While I don't like recommending other applications since you're already in Service Hub, if this is something truly important another tool that a client I work with uses is HelpScout, it integrates with HubSpot, but inside of HelpScout you can have internal communication on a ticket like a live chat as well.  


Again, I would recommend against it since I think you've already purchased Services, but just a thought.