Integration with Mailchimp


I am trying to connect the two so that when I add a contact to Hubspot it goes to Mailchimp as well.

I have installed by the Mailchimp apps on the Hubspot Marketplace (do not solve the problem).

I have tried integration with Zapier (do not solve the problem).



Any ideas on how to solve this?


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Hello @GSignorelli, I would like to add some top experts to share their thoughts @andrus@Phil_Vallender any recommendations to @GSignorelli matter?


Thank you,


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Hi @GSignorelli would you mind adding more context on what does "does not solve the problem" mean for you? Does it not function by design ie. you're for looking for different functionality or are you experiencing a technical issue?


PS. If you're up for using 3rd party tools then Outfunnel's app connector features a 2-way HubSpot-Mailchimp integration (disclosure: I am co-founder). It syncs either all new HubSpot contacts to MailChimp, or only those you specify with a List. And it also syncs email engagement back to HubSpot.