Importing File not pulling Phone Numbers, Address, or Email




I've messed with this for hours and have read everything I can find to make this work and it still isn't functioning properly.  Please let me know what I need to do.  


I have a simple contact file that has:

First Name

Last Name


Phone Number


And a handful of other headers relative to the contact and not a company, ticket, or note. Every time I import the list into Hubspot, the name populates, but the Address, Phone Number, and Email fail to pull through.  


I've manipulated these according to the guidelines and still am missing something.  Can you please help?

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Please try a virgin .csv file with one entry and report back here.

It's important that you create this .csv file 'a new'. Not a re-saved version of a possibly damaged file -- a fairly common import issue.


Note: Please search for recent posts as HubSpot evolves to be the #1 CRM platform of choice world-wide.


Hope that helps.


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