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Import conversations in tickets

Hello !

I’m configuring hubspot and I’m trying to import my ticket history, and for each ticket, the history of conversations between agents and clients.
The best solution I found yet is to import the conversations in notes, using the following method :
1st import to create the ticket with the first message
Extract from hubspot in order to get the ticket ID
2nd import with all the remaining messages, updated in the ticket’s notes.


In order to identify when the message comes from the agent, I would use my agent account as the owner of the noteAnd to identify a client’s message I would create a fake account named « Client ».

It works but the interface is not great with that method.

Have you been confronted with this type of issue? Did you find a better solution?
An other possibility is to use API, but that would require a developer.

Thank you in advance for your answers,

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Import conversations in tickets

Hey there!


Thanks for reaching out - You’re correct that we do not have a direct method of importing ticket history and customer communication through the Imports tool. Your workaround would be a good option for getting the actual content into a HubSpot - then moving forward I would assume all of your customer contact would be coming through as a normal email.


A smoother option to get the communications into HubSpot as emails and not notes would be to use the BCC Forwarding Method to send these directly from your email client to the contact record! This way, all of the email information will be kept in tact. You would need to associate the contact to the ticket at some point as well so you could do that manually or associate the records via import!


Alternatively - you could explore the Engagements API method to map these emails over, but it would require the assistance of a developer.