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If contact respons contains "SPACE"

Hello community!


I'm creating a chatbot and by collecting the information I need to make sure that the contact's postal number doesn't contain a "SPACE" in between the numbers.

So I created this If/else that says: If visitor´s response --> contains any part of " " --> Get second try with a text that says that they have to write the numbers together with NO space.

Or else: Go to next action.


It doesn't seem to work so I just wanted to check if somebody here have another solution for this? 


Thanks in advance!

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If contact respons contains "SPACE"

Hey there!


Unfortunately, you are on to the right idea, this is not going to be possible within a chatflow. In order to format this data, you are going to need to have a subscription to either Operations Hub Professional or Enterprise and then you can use a workflow to format the data automatically.


Attaching a screenshot of the workflow configuration in case you are already an Ops Hub subscriber! 


And here you can find some more information regarding formatting your data using workflows 🙂