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Identify classes of incoming conversations

We use conversations for all our support and our reply to address. I'd like to report on all the emails that are automatic replies and all that have "card" in the text somewhere. I don't mind an excel export for doing this, but I don't know how to get to that data. Is there a way I can report on the count of conversations with particular keywords or export data to make that?

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Identify classes of incoming conversations

Hi @AliaAt curious about what your goal for having this report would be - what are you hoping to gain out of it?


This is not the easiest thing to build or achieve, so before I go down the rabbit hole, just want to make sure I understand what the goal is 🙂


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Identify classes of incoming conversations

Hello, @AliaAt thank you for posting in our Community!

I want to invite to this conversation our top experts to share their ideas @NicoleSengers @darynsmith @Jnix284 any recommendations to @AliaAt matter?


thank you,


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