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HubSpot integration to Jira Server (Tickets <> Issues)

We need to integrate HubSpot Service Hub to Jira, but we use Jira Server (not Cloud), so the HubSpot-built integration in Marketplace  isn't compatible.  How have others enabled the same functionality in an integration between HubSpot and Jira Server?  Do we need to build something custom or is there a 3rd party solution we could use?


(We've looked into Zapier and Elements Connect, but these do not cover the full use case of creating Jira issues from HubSpot.)

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Community Manager

HubSpot integration to Jira Server (Tickets <> Issues)

Hi @CGoodwinOlsen,


Thanks for reaching out!


It would be possible to create a custom integration to sync data between HubSpot and your Jira instance using HubSpot's API or a bridging integration such as Zapier or You could either verify if the chosen bridging integration provider is compatible with an on-premises Jira instance or build something custom.




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