HubSpot Service & Office 365: How do I keep the mailbox from getting full at Office365?


Hey All - we're just starting using HubSpot service to see how it might help us manage customer tickets. Our 'support' mailbox is from Office365, which we've connected to HubSpot.


It seems that when a message comes into the Office365 support mailbox, HubSpot picks that up and puts it in Conversations and creates a Ticket. Great. But the email stays in Office365. Similarly when a reply is sent, HubSpot puts a copy of the sent message in the Office365 sent items.


My concern is that the Office365 mailbox will get full fairly quickly. How do you guys handle this? Any way to delete inbox and sent items from Office365 after a specified period of time?

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HI @PeterP,


I would recommend connecting with your IT or email provider, as the solutions for this matter will be within your inbox.

I wanted to share this resource as a starting point.


Thank you,

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