How valuable is your time?

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Service Hub seems (in my opinion) to be missing an important function: The ability to report on how much time people spend working on tickets.


For a support desk who handle some general-support and some longer-term consulting projects, being able to report on "consumed time" is essential. We're looking for something that lets us report on Customer X (the end customer) consumed Y-hours of time, deliverer by person(s) A, B, C...


I've looked at some methods including adding a custom property to record time manually. But this only records total-time consumed since the start of the ticket - not time consumed this week/month/year. Some consulting projects can run for many months, so breaking the "consumed time" down into billable segments is vital.


Looking for any "outside the box" ideas (or "in the box that I've missed!") from this awesome community 🙂

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Hi @PeterC,


There are a variety of time tracking apps that could be a good starting point. While none of them are native to HubSpot, it may be a good starting point.



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Thanks for the response @jennysowyrda 


I saw your excellent post when looking for answers, but I was hoping for something that means we don't have to leave Hubspot.  How do HubSpot's support teams track their time?


We currently use free (open source) helpdesk software that lets you manually record time against each interaction with the customer.  The workflow means you can report against any time segment during the life of a ticket.


HubSpot only supports properties that encompass the entire ticket. I can't find a way to break down "when" things happen and "how long" things take - so reporting becomes impossible.


If you have any other suggestions, I would love to hear them!