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How to send SMS upon ticket creation?

Hi Community and Experts,


I am trying to create a workflow that can manage my contact's appointments and send automated notification at various stages, e.g. (1 day after appointment date has been updated/uploaded on Hubspot, 1 day before appointment).


I am thinking of using ticket function to manage the appointments as 1 contact can have multiple tickets, by sending automated SMS notifications to the contact associated with the ticket upon ticket creation. However understand that "Send SMS" is not an action item that can be selected in the ticket workflow. 


If I add appointment date as contact property, it will not work for contacts with consecutive appointments and the new appointment will overwrite the old appointment during bulk upload. May not be feasible to create multiple appointment fields too.


Appreciate if anyone can advise on this. Thanks!

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Contributor | Diamond Partner

How to send SMS upon ticket creation?

You can use a third-party integration by collaborating with us to send automated SMS notifications to contacts associated with tickets. There are many SMS integrations available in the HubSpot App Marketplace that we can integrate with your server and that can help you customize your ticket workflows.

, you could use the HubSpot API to build a custom integration to meet your specific needs by following the below steps.

1. Set up an automation workflow in HubSpot. This workflow should trigger when a new ticket is created.

2. In the workflow, add an action to send an SMS. This can be done by connecting a third-party SMS service such as Twilio.

3. Configure the action to send an SMS message with the ticket details.

4. Test the workflow to make sure it is working as expected.

5. Activate the workflow.

Feel free to get in touch if personally assistance is needed. 🙂

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Community Manager

How to send SMS upon ticket creation?

Hi @Zhen_Ming,


Thank you for reaching out! 


The Send SMS Action is for sending messages to internal users, however it sounds like you would like to send SMS to your external contacts and clients correct? 


I wanted to share a list of SMS apps that integrate with HubSpot, such as Sakari or Kixie. I would recommend taking a look through the apps to see if there is one that can integrate with ticket-based workflows.


Hope this list of apps helps with your investigation 🙂 





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