How to prompt the visitor for the ticket name

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Hi Team 👋,


We only collect user tickets via a chatbot. The chatbot by default sets the "ticket name" to a set field, in our case "Support Ticket".


We get about 100 support tickets each day, this makes it difficult to distinguish between tickets on the kanban ticket board.


How can I set up the ticket chatbot to prompt the visitor for a ticket name / subject?

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Hello @KyleRisi 


Thank you for all the information, are you currently using "tokens" in the Tickets name so you can identify the different tickets? If not, my suggestion is to add the Contacts name into the ticket name so it's easier to identify or other tokens that you could use a filter in tickets after to separate the tickets you would like.


ticket tokenticket token

Just to confirm you would like the bot to ask the contact for a ticket number? If you could please give us more details it will help on the next steps



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