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How to get notifications from a new chat BOT chat?



I am totally confused that I cannot find a way to get an email notification with the free Hubspot plan of new BOT chats.


We are always offline and want to be in interaction with our site visitors. After they have left a question/message and email address to our chat BOT, we will answer them asap by email.


So we need to get an automatic notification of a new BOT chat.



- chat BOT (not live chat)

- status CLOSED (the site visitor fills all the questions and the chat is closed)

- unassigned (you cannot assign a chat to anyone with the free plan)


I have set the notifications in the settings, but BOTS are not supported in notifications:
"New unassigned chat conversation

Get notified when an unassigned chat or Facebook Messenger conversation is received in the inbox. Note: Bots only notify at the point of handoff."
There does not happen any "handoff" when the BOT chat closes? (What is it actually, the "handoff" - something automatic or handmade? Is it included in the free plan?)
I saw there was an update where you could use Workflows to get notifications of BOT chats. But that is only for paid Hubspot plans.
So is it really impossible to get an email notification of a BOT chat with a free plan? This sounds absolutely strange.


Thanks in advance.


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How to get notifications from a new chat BOT chat?

Check your teams 
To get notifications you have to belong to the PRIMARY TEAM to get notified on Desktop or App.  You do not get notifications if you are and Additonal Team memberScreenshot 2023-03-14 at 3.23.48 PM.pngam member 

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How to get notifications from a new chat BOT chat?

Hi @PLtd! I have a couple of thoughts trying to work through this with the tools you have access to. 


How are you ending your chatflow? This my ending. Notice I use the "Send to team member" ending but No One is assigned to get this chat. It just ends which is a HandOff but the chat is still Unassigned. 



Then the Unassigned chat notification should alert you at the point of handoff which is the ending. This works for me and my team. We get the email notifications on all chats. We do have a paid version of Hubspot, fyi. 


Another thought. Question about the visitors chatting in. Are they known customers, prospects, either? 


My other idea is to use the Lead Revisit Notifications (Set up lead revisit notifications ( to alert each person when a prospect is back on your site. It isn't exactly a chat notification, but a person could at least review all the revisits and then respond to a chat if it happened. The same can be setup for Customers who are assigned to people. If Customers are revisiting the site, there are notifications for that behavior.


Please let us know if there is more information we should know or if any of this is helpful.

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How to get notifications from a new chat BOT chat?

Hello, @PLtd I would like to share this knowledge base with more details about how to set your bot actions here.

If you are working with if/then branches in bots it does require a subscription.

 I would like to add our top experts to this conversation @Crystal_Hopper @noahhendricks any recommendations to @PLtd ? Thank you,


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