How to deal with email association?


Hi there,


we use very extensivly the service hub. It seems Hubspot changed recently something which damages our workflow. Anybody who has an idea to share with us how to solve the problem?


background: we use the Inbox (team) for our info@ adress to receive e-mail from customers and partners. So far it's working fine. Just a remark: we do not use the automated ticket creation as our service agents do that manually. (there are some reasons for it and we cant' change this)


Now, here comes the problem: when creating a ticket, the e-mail from inbox is not automatically associtaed with the ticket. We could mark the conversation history to associate with the contact (even today, last 30 days, etc), which would solve the problem, but there we have another problem...


we have partners (one mail adress) that are sending us certain mails per day which lead to x tickes per day. When synchornising the whole history, all ticket including all emails from also the other tickets are synchronized with the new ticket., which is entirely wrong as leads us to a lot of work if the service agents would have to associate all emails manually to the corresponding ticket. 


What we would like to achive:

1 mail = 1 ticket incl. mail associtaion to correspondig ticket. 


Does anybody have any idea how we can solve this?


I know it's super compley, but if sombody has an out-of-the-box idea it would help me a lot.


If the case is not clear, pls. message over here.


Many thanks for your help.




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Community Manager

Hi @AGulentz5 


Thank you for reaching out and for all the details. 


Are you clicking on "Create a ticket" in the right sidebar where you're in the email in the conversation inbox? When I do that, this creates a ticket, and the email is associated with it. Do you have "Emails" checked in the filters at the top of the ticket ? 


Thank you!



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