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How to STOP auto association of companies via contacts to a ticket

The scenario is, we have Deal X.  It has one Company association, Company A.  It has two Contact associations, Jane Doe (Company A) and John Doe (Company B).  We have a workflow that when the Deal X is Closed Won, it creates a ticket.

We have Company and Contact associations turned on in the workflow.

When Hubspot creates this ticket is associates Company A (good), Jane Doe (good) and John Doe (good).  BUT... it also associates Company B (bad) because John Doe's primary company is Company B.

This happens via the workflow AND when manually creating a ticket, so it does not appear to be something we can change in flow. 

Is there anyway to prevent this from happening and truly only taking the associations from the Deal or the ones manually added and NOT associating Company B?  How can we write a custom code to prevent Hubspot from making this association?

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How to STOP auto association of companies via contacts to a ticket

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