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How many users do I need?



We are a business who sells RV´s in Norway.
We have 10 stores, and within every store, we have 1 sales department, 1 service department, and 1 spare parts department. If we were to use Service Hub and Ticketing to handle all of our (email) inquiries, we would have to have 30 emails:, etc, and the same for spare parts and service. This would be extremely expencive, and I have been trying to find a smoother way to handle all of our email Inquiries. 

I read an article that says: "If you have different teams managing separate emails, consider separating out your inboxes by team to reduce the clutter of incoming messages. Using Conversations will ensure that emails sent to team aliases won’t slip through the cracks, since you can automatically assign them to certain individuals. Using logic, you can either distribute them evenly to specific individuals or evenly across specific teams". 


Can anybody confirm or help with this issue? I hope there is a solution, because Hubspot is starting to very expencive...



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How many users do I need?

Agree with @Josh.


Also, without knowing any greater level of detail, it sounds like you're trying to use individual EMAIL addresses to identify locations. (not recommended)

Each individual email address should be tied to an individual human (as a best practice). Individual email addresses may be grouped around other related criteria. However, email grouping is a function of your email provider. Not HubSpot.

Example Email Groups:
- Sales - Store #01
- Sales - Store #02

- Sales - Store #03, etc.
- Sales - All Stores
- Service - All Stores
- Parts - All Stores

Using this methodology you gain a great deal of flexibility while still being afforded the security needed for each individual email account -- i.e., shared email addresses and passwords is never good idea.

Again, each individual email address is designed to communicate with an individual human. Email GROUPS add to that functionality.




Gmail Email GroupsGmail Email Groups

- see How To Create A Group In Gmail




Outlook Contact GroupsOutlook Contact Groups

- see Create a group in Outlook


Note: Please search for recent posts as HubSpot evolves to be the #1 CRM platform of choice world-wide.


Hope that helps.


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How many users do I need?

Hi @Kaare-Ferda,


I am not certain that you will need 30 users. Only a portion of those users might need paid pro seats.


Without understanding the use case better, it's tough to say exactly.  


For example, your parts departments may not actually need a pro seat. They will still have access to the tickets and the ticket pipelines. I'd be happy to explore this with you a bit further if you'd like -- or alternatively your HubSpot Sales Rep. 


If you'd like, feel free to schedule time on my calendar.



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