How do all of you manage multiple Problem and Incident tickets via Service hub?


I wasn't sure if Hubspot was going to build this so I wanted to get the brains of all of y'all:

I wanted a way to link multiple incident tickets to one problem ticket, so I can reply more effectively to multiple users. Similar to the idea of parent/child tickets

Could the community share how you manage your tickets that are associated with each other/have the same problem?

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Hi @BryceChee 


Thank you for reaching out. We don't have parent/child ticket in HubSpot at the moment. 


I want to tag some of our experts on this though - @warrendavey @StefaniUAT @Josh do you have any advice for @BryceChee on how to manage this with HubSpot? 


Thank you!



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Hi @BryceChee ,

As of now no such functionality is available in HubSpot. We have to go through the previous tickets or search the ticket with some keywords to find relevant one. But personally I feel this is agood idea. Will advise you to share this on idea section of the community:  HubSpot Community - Ideas - HubSpot Community

Hope this helps!

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Thanks and Regards. 


Hi Bryce - I'm with you 100% on this idea. I like HubSpot but this is a huge gap for us. It could ultimately be a showstopper! I have not found anyone with an answer so far.

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Hi @BryceChee,

I am unfamiliar with this specific situation. However, question - would you be able to create a playbook/create note/put in ticket body/etc. a specific keyword to then segment with lists and automate an email? You see, tickets are not as easily reportable. If notes, tasks, playbooks, etc. are just as/almost as easily accessible - then it would make your objective much more manageable.

Another thought is to create a sales template to respond directly to that issue. Therefore, any person with access can efficiently communicate on a one-off basis.


If this does not address your issues, please let me know what I am missing and I will look forward to helping to assist in addressing the core issues.