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How do I connect a ticket pipeline into a conversation inbox?


I'm trying to set up our support workflows and I'm currently stuck with getting our ticket pipeline visible in the Tickets-view in our conversation inbox.

The customer is basically asked for the topic if they weren't able to self-serve and we didn't have any agents available, and that is used to create a topic.

This is working fine, and the ticket gets created into Tickets but it is not showing in the Inbox view (Tickets). How can I connect the two? 

My goal would be for the agents to only use the Conversations section, where new conversations appear but if we would have tickets to respond to, I would like these to show in the conversation inbox view Tickets instead of having to go to the Tickets-section in Hubspot.


EDIT: the issue is not actually with tickets not showing up in the inbox, it's that the bot automatically closes the ticket after creating it. How could I change this functionality? 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

How do I connect a ticket pipeline into a conversation inbox?

Hi @jonasnordberg 


Thank you for reaching out. 


I understand that it seems that the system automatically closes the ticket after it has been created by the conversations inbox, is that correct? I cannot reproduce it, this is strange. 


I would recommend connecting with HubSpot Technical Support, as Support is included in your subscription and they will be able to provide real-time assistance for this matter, where you are able to share screenshots and specific examples about this. 


Thank you!



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