How can a client check the status of their ticket?

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When a customer of ours submits a ticket via a form on our website, is there any way for them to check the status of that ticket on their end? I understand I can view the status internally within my service hub, but how can they check the status?

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This was a topic of conversation during an operations meeting this week.

I have seen this implemented on the majority of other ticketing platforms.

Ideally this should be provided with a Public URL so that regardless of whoever on the client side needs to track the status they can access without having to be registered to the system.

This functionality should not be an afterthought but rather an obvious consideration in the initial design of the platform.



There was some assumption that Service Hub would at least be similar to the way HubSpot (corporate) provides support.  I'd like to see a "View your support inbox" link on the chat menu, and the same view of tickets.

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We have had the same discussion here:


It's a lack of functionality and a very important issue.


I totally agree with what others have commented on here. I think this is an important functionality to have in a ticketing system. Sadly, I see that this feature hasn't been implemented until date so how you guys managed? Any workarounds?


I noticed that i could view my own HubSpot tickets when reporting faults to HubSpot, i can't believe HubSpot users can't have the same capability with our clients? 

Am i missing something in the settings menu?