How can I track time for service tickets

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If I create a new ticket, how can I enter time or start and stop a clock

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Hi @Geo1,


There will be a time stamp associated with the ticket being created. If you would like a counter to be built in, I would recommend upvoting this idea on the ideas forum.


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The tools that exist will let you track things like "when the ticket was opened" to "when it was responded to" - but not things like how long your support agents spend looking after your customers. (Assuming that's what you're after.)


Tickets (in my opinion) are missing a "per activity" timer function.  (A manual entry field would help!).  I've implemented an "Accumulated time" manual property field for every ticket - but that has limitations if you want to report on all the time your agents spent on supporting customers in a particular time period.


The only option I have found so far is external app integrations like Toggl integrated with tools like Zapier - both applications are separately chargeable - so it gets expensive quickly.