How can I route to different support pipelines based on ticket categories?

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We are thinking of switching to Hubspot Service, but cannot figure out how to route tickets that are submitted via the support form to a certain pipeline based on the ticket category/ticket type.


There doesnt seem to be a way to automate this with workflows and there doesnt seem to be a way to set the desired pipeline based on a specific ticket property in the form settings.

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Thanks for finding that one - I think I was about to hit the same roadblock.


In the Workflows, you can enrol a ticket based on almost any property - but you can't set a new pipeline as an action. 


I had a look at creating a new ticket as an action after enrolling the original ticket - but there's no option to specify the pipeline for the new ticket either.


It looks like "Pipeline" was forgotten when the ticket automation tools were created.  One for HubSpot Support to escalate?